Spring of 2019 I was tasked to create cover art for magazine we made at school called Loud Magazine. The magazine covers topics from society to art and is published once a year.


Makeup and Clothing.

Personally I like to keep makeup natural for the most part. This I think compliments features of the model better. My model Ilta had great idea to add freckles to her makeup. It was a good addition to the overall look. For the clothing we choose this natural white blouse to further contribute on the natural look we were going for. I’m really happy with how the look turned out to be. Shirt was a from a thrift store so it fits the whole sustainability theme in the magazine.


I had an idea to have the model look through a mirror to create some sort of self-examination feel for the viewer. I feel like it subconsciously makes the viewer recognize and connect topics of the magazine in their own life. Magazine touches on topics from lifestyle, sustainability, society and arts so self-reflection was essential theme for the image. For the prop I found a broken piece of mirror. Just be careful with the sharp edges of the glass if you decide to try this photo yourself. I chose this image with the model looking directly at the camera. You can see the model holding the piece of mirror giving the feel for the viewer to be in the moment.

You can read the magazine from link below.

Loud Magazine